Blazer Baits 1.5 S-Crank Crankbait

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Blazer Bait 1.5 S Crank Crankbait

The S-CRANK squarebill concept features a patented design that generates a hard-hitting wobble action along with an erratic hunting, wandering retrieve. S-CRANK’s unique slalom action works even at high-speeds, wandering laterally off-course but always hunting back to center. Not only does this allow more effective coverage of wider areas, but the erratic wandering action triggers reaction bites much like deflections, increasing productivity in open water. Tight, enticing wobble draws inactive predators, while the sudden wandering escape action triggers decisive reaction bites. Square bill design and high buoyancy combine to reduce hang-ups to allow precise targeting of structure.


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Live Blue Gill, Chef Boyaredee, Live Nango Seed, Menace, Jimmy Thing, Live Bait


1 Knocker, Rattling

8 reviews for Blazer Baits 1.5 S-Crank Crankbait

  1. Stephen J

    These are the best S Crank lures in the 1.5 size that I have ever used. The quality of the work is unmatched. I have every pattern offered and they all have landed big largemouth, smallmouth and pike. The oversized Gamakatsu hooks are extremely sharp

  2. Ragina Irwin

    I ordered 3 for my hubby .. he fishes a lot … he was very excited about these … we had bought from this shop before … not sure if he’s caught anything yes lol 😆 hopefully he will … thank you … I’m sure I will order again …

  3. Ragina Irwin

    My husband loved his bait … very fast delivery … bought 2x from this shop …

  4. Monte Ross

    I received the baits they look great. I bought these for 2 of my sons. They will really like them you did a great job. Thanks

  5. Casey Disel

    Awesome product , this dude does great work , will definitely do business with him in the future !

  6. Tim Asher

    Fantastic work and excellent customer service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Quality baits, if you were hesitant don’t be Jeremy / Blazer Baits is a company you can trust.

  7. Scott Sallay

    Great lure great seller couldn’t be happier. Saved sellers shop

  8. Scott Sallay

    All I buy are custom lures and these lures are definitely worth every penny great work. Have store saved will buy again.

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