Blazer Baits 2.5 Holographic Crankbait



Blazer Baits Holo 2.5 Crankbait

The Deep Rattle Sound or DRS refers to the bait’s single knocker internal rattle. Many pro’s believe it attracts larger fish, because it generates more of a “click-click-click” sound as opposed to the “sh-sh-sh” sound made by BB-style rattles.  This crankbait delivers the tremendous square bill action and high buoyancy

Custom Crank 2.5

Dive Depth: 3-4’

Gamakatsu # 6 treble hook and #6 Feather treble hook with stainless steel split rings


Season: Early Spring to Late Fall

Action: Floating

Species: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Pike, Walleye


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