Blazer Baits DR-3x Suspending Holographic Jerkbait


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One of or possibly the most versatile Jerkbait available today. Blazer Baits DR-3x Suspending Jerkbait is designed to mimic the action of fleeing bait fish provoking an aggressive reactionary strike from predator fish.  The DR-3x can be fished with multiple presentations, slow or fast. In addition to its incredible action, the foil body puts off a flash predator fish dial in on.  Thrown on 8# fluorocarbon, lure will slow sink down to 6 feet!  Throw on 8# Mono or #40 braid, the lure will suspend horizontally 3 feet.  This jerkbait has been proven to draw reactionary strikes from Smallmouth, Walleye and Largemouth bass in 38 degree water!  Looking for the perfect jerkbait?  Blazer Baits DR-3x flat out gets it done!



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Prism Minnow, Pink Prism


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