Blazer Baits DRX Crankbait


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New for 2023, Blazer Baits DRX cranbaits!  Designed and patterned to imitate Smallmouth and Largemouth bass primary pray, the crayfish.  Blazer Baits has you covered all year, matching the crayfish color changes from molt to mating season.  Offered in 4 color patterns, proven to produce even during the most challenging times.  The DRX-8 dives to 8′ but shines in shallower waters.  A steady SLOW retrieve, just enough to stay in contact with the bottom, will deliver explosive strikes from bass, often pinning the lure to the bottom.  Once your rod loads up, “fish on!”

Length: 2.5″

Weight 1/2oz

Dives to 8′

Similar to Duo Realis M65 8A

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Live Craw, Spring Craw, Fall Craw, Winter Time Blues Craw, Summer Time Craw


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