Blazer Baits CUSTOM O.S.P. Blitz EX-DR

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A top performer in the mid range cranks.  Works great on deeper brush piles or rocky flats or piles.  But don’t be afraid to throw it in the shallows! The EX-DR calls them out and they can’t refuse.  Best fished on 40# braid, 10# Fluorocarbon or 8# Mono 7’2″ Medium/Heavy Moderate action rod

Dives to 12′-15′ (Floating)

Length: 2″

Weight: 7/16oz



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Fitted with Gamakatsu SS EWG #6 treble hooks and SPRO stainless steel split rings

One of the most coveted crankbaits in Japan is the OSP Blitz EX DR.  The Blitz EX DR is a 12-15 foot diver that is still small-bodied.  OSP utilized a special honeycomb design in their build, to allow the Blitz EX DR to dive and retrieve faster than any other bait its size, which results in deeper dives.  A fixed center of gravity allows the bait to vibrate and flash without ever rolling.

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Clayton, Tabasco Shad, Frederick Green, Frederick Green Blush, Frederick Trout, Queen Shad Black

1 review for Blazer Baits CUSTOM O.S.P. Blitz EX-DR

  1. Eddy Tennant

    OSP Biltz is my go to mid range diving crank bait the Frederick Green is fantastic on clear water lakes. I fish alot of bruch piles with this bait, just tick the brush with the bait and get ready for the bite. This bait also is as snagless as a square bill in brush it goes right through!!! a must have in your tackle box 🙂

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