Blazer Baits Reaper

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Blazer Baits Reeper
Amazing topwater plug.  Lure has slitted gills and head allowing water to pass through creating a disturbance just like bait fish breaking the water.  Combination of a popper and a walking bait unlike any other topwater lure.  Best action is with a 6’6 fast tip rod on braid or monofilament line.
Fitted with #4 EWG SS Gamakatsu treble hooks.  Fathered hook is hand tied on a Gamakatsu #4 SS treble hook. Stainless Steel POWER Split Rings

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The Reaper, Grim Reaper

1 review for Blazer Baits Reaper

  1. Mark M

    This is not a Pop R. This is not a hulapopper. This isn’t a popper at all. Its actually more than that and it catches everything. Dont get fooled by the looks. Just buy one and see for yourself.

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