Blazer Baits Rip N Shad

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Blazer Baits Rip N Shad is perfect for covering water fast. Cast and burn, cast and yo-yo back or vertical jigging, all will deliver explosive hits .  Excellent Chrome pattern in clear or stained water, Big 3D Eye sets the bullseye while strong vibration and extra-loud BBs call them in.

  • Weight 5/8oz
  • Loud BBs inside for long-distance sound transmission
  • Sleek Chrome body
  • Versatile Pattern
  • Hard-vibrating action
  • Long-casting design
  • Sinking
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2 reviews for Blazer Baits Rip N Shad

  1. Jim Powers

    Awesome lipless crank and a killer pattern for clear or stained water. Great for jigging walleye

  2. Eddy Tennant

    The Rip N Shad is a walleye killer, I have been using it to vertical jig walleye finding them on my 2D Chirp sonar and dropping it on them for a reaction strike. They can’t resist this bait and a bonus the smallies love it too.

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