Blazer Baits Walleye 27 Deep Diver


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Looking for an alternative to the Bandit? Look no further.  Blazer Baits Walleye 27 Deep Diver crankbait.

Great for BIG Walleye.  When trolling these lures, they will dive to 27′ on 10# mono or 40# braid quickly without assist.  Switch over to 12# Stainless Steel Line, the Walleye 27 can get down to 50’+.  Blazer Baits Walleye 27’s round lip and slender build; and the quick dive creates a ruckus that predators, like Walleye, can’t ignore.  When at idle, the lure will rise.


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Carnival UV, RitaMade UV, The Orange Line, Dawn Holographic, Purple Smack UV, Blue Steel, Phantom Blue Glow, EyE Candy Holographic, Pink Panties, Road Work UV, New Dawn Holographic


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