Blazer Baits BBX-6 Suspending Holographic Jerkbait

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Blazer Baits BBX-6 Jerkbait is a suspending/slow sinking jerkbait that rivals all in its class. Designed to allow the angler to fish it with various presentations, the BBX will cut, dart, slash and suspend. Fish not in the mood?  Adding a long or short pause in your presentation, will trigger a reactionary strike from most predator fish.  The BBX-6 is also a great trolling lure for shallow walleye or off of  Dipsy Diver or Jet Diver

Length: 4.33″ | Weight: 1/2oz | Holographic Insert design | Suspending | Slow Sinking

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Gravel Roach, PeekaBoo, Emerald Eye, Mud Minnow, Green Olive

1 review for Blazer Baits BBX-6 Suspending Holographic Jerkbait

  1. Eddy T

    The BBX-6 fantastic bait the Fall small mouth have been eating these baits like candy, green olive, peekaboo, and gravel roach these baits do work!!! Blazer Baits worth every penny

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